Always Barbara Stanwyck

There’s Always Tomorrow (1956)

From Starring Miss Barbara Stanwyck, by Ella Smith:

Forty Guns (filming in 1957) would be Stanwyck’s last movie until she began Walk on the Wild Side in 1961. Asked by the San Francisco Examiner (while she was starring in The Big Valley) why she had done no films during those four years, Stanwyck replied: “Because nobody asked me. They don’t normally write parts for women my age because America is now a country of youth.”

Speaking of the kind of films Hollywood had made prior to this, Barbara Stanwyck said:

Something is gone. They were beautiful, romantic films, not as stark and realistic as today’s and I loved doing and watching them. Now we’ve matured and moved on. The past belongs to the past. But don’t get me wrong. Just because I’m over 50 doesn’t mean I’m dead or in a wheelchair. I go with these new trends and enjoy them and respect them for their own values.

Sounds familiar.


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