Sex and the City

I finally watched Sex and the City. Being hopelessly addicted to it, I have become very emotionally involved in Carrie’s life. And, being a romantic of sorts (at least when it comes to the screen), very invested in Carrie’s relationship with Big. This is why the series finale disappointed me a little. There was no big reunion kiss, no final fabulous embrace, no single perfect moment. I was hoping for what Carrie had been for six years; I wanted him to tell her “I love you,” and the words never came. Waiting with anxious fists but not satisfied with a climax.

But then Carrie and Big get to do this fabulous photoshoot with Vogue and it almost makes up for it all. Not to mention the movie.

Sad as this was for me, maybe it’s okay; maybe it’s the way the show was meant to be. About friends, above and beyond, friends being there, and helping you get what is best. Sentimental as that is, it’s how the show started.


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