The affective MTV aesthetic

The achievement of the beautiful.


About cinemelo

I love to write about film and comment on culture. Hopefully providing insight and interesting thoughts for fellow cultural itinerants.
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One Response to The affective MTV aesthetic

  1. Dali says:

    But what is affect?

    Sean: guy I went to Edinburgh with, he’s from Frankston and he’s a weird dude. He’s in NY with his girlfriend.

    Allen: is my old housemate, he’s travelling through there with his girlfriend as well.

    Both of them are worth a shout and definitely good in a jam. I especially recommend you try to track down Sean, who is an interesting person to meet no matter where you are.

    Hope you’ve made it there safe and sound! Send us an email when you get a chance.

    Merry Christmas and Happy NY NYE!

    xox Richard

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