Absent from myself

I have been very absent from the active blogosphere for a while- I am very conscious of this, if for no other reason than my little calendar at the right of my page doesn’t have any blue numbers on it for August yet.

Reasons for lack of blogging: working like a maniac (ie. upwards of 45 hours a week), trying to maintain a hold on my full-time study load, not being at home for enough hours on any given day, etc. I do, however, have a new blog, over here, which I created as a site for a subject’s semester assessment, in order to free myself from having to cram the writing of a 3000 word research essay into my foreseeably packed end of semester.

I have worked at the Melbourne International Film Festival for the past two and a half weeks, spending far too much time at it and seeing an exhaustible amount of films (many of which were crap). Thankfully, though, if they were great films then I could really watch them, and if they were awful I could just leave, or take a nap.

Am currently thinking a lot about war films from the Balkans, about film noir, about viewing a film as akin to walking through cityscapes and spaces and being exposed to new narratives external/integral to your own life. Have been thinking about Man From London, a remarkable film that screened at the festival. Many people walked out, obviously peeved that their preconceived ideas about it were not fulfilled, spectators who couldn’t stand the film’s slow, restrained pace, its large absence of dialogue, and minimal (yet thoroughly complex) narrative. I have been continually thinking about the film’s final shot- the camera held on a woman’s face, then music cuts out, for about a minute. Silence. The audience was uncomfortable. The screen faded to white. The audience got more uncomfortable, I could feel it in the auditorium and it was fantastic.

I am also thinking that, now life is back to normal, I might try and go to all my classes this week. And maybe even do all my readings. And probably should write this 40% essay that I need to write. Yeah!


About cinemelo

I love to write about film and comment on culture. Hopefully providing insight and interesting thoughts for fellow cultural itinerants.
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