Free time…um, what’s that?

Today is the first day that I have not had work and/or class in longer than I can even bother to think. So the problem I have is, what do I do with this day?

So far I have read the paper, had tea, done some exercises, listened to beautiful/depressing music to suit my mood, and moped around for quite some time. I need to take some clothing to the dry cleaners at some stage. I might do some cooking. Tonight I am going to see a friend in a show at uni, but that’s eight hours away.

And of course I need to spend hours on my uni work. Have progressed only slightly on my surrealism essay and much, much less on the other two, but I think that I can get quite a bit done today and then be well on the way to getting it finished. Although, as I am realising, because I have so much time at my disposal today, making a start is going to be the hard part.

Shakespeare knew how things worked, though. Venus and Adonis

Make use of time; let not advantage slip;

Beauty within itself should not be wasted.

Fair flowers that are not gathered in their prime

Rot and consume themselves in little time.

At that, maybe I should take advantage of this time and actually do something with it. But even though it’s only nine days until I have two essays due (at once!), the illogical measurements of time that are working through my head suggest that I don’t need to spend eight hours doing things anyway.

Actually, yes I do. Enough blogging…more tomorrow…along with going to work! Structure!


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I love to write about film and comment on culture. Hopefully providing insight and interesting thoughts for fellow cultural itinerants.
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