Inescapable consumerism

“People at the Plains get a whole long weekend of not being marketed to at all – that’s almost impossible in modern life,” High says, adding that his festivals are all about “getting loose in the bush for a few days and remembering how fun it is to tune in and drop out”.

from The Age Sticky Carpet, 02/07

I appreciate what this guy is saying, and what he’s trying to achieve with his attempt at non-marketing, but it’s not entirely true. I’ve been to festivals and I understand that it is nice to be away from media and culture saturation, but we’re never entirely free. The bands playing at this festival are all marketing their own product of music. The festival organisers are marketing their festival. The partyers, while not (necessarily) passive consumers, are all victims of commodity culture and are helping to support that level of the market.


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I love to write about film and comment on culture. Hopefully providing insight and interesting thoughts for fellow cultural itinerants.
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One Response to Inescapable consumerism

  1. ggwfung says:

    artists just trying to scrape by. Money has to circulate to get full value.


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