1960s protest and propaganda cultures


I saw I Am Cuba (Soy Cuba, Mikheil Kalatozishvil, 1964) last week at the wonderful ACMI and was very much amazed by it. Definately was benefited by the 1960s film/aesthetics class I took last semester, I was able to understand some of the stylistics of the film and approach it from its grass-roots type of angle. It had such fresh cinematography from the very beginning, casually ambling through a party crowd, up close and involved in the scene and yet still capturing its events.

The film had some phenomenal long takes too. I particularly remember one where a man is wandering through a village, weaving around huts, people, animals and fences, but the camera merely ttracks in a straight line, not following him but observing the village layout, a social perspective.


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I love to write about film and comment on culture. Hopefully providing insight and interesting thoughts for fellow cultural itinerants.
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