I hate people

From The Age website, today:

US PRESIDENT George Bush has proposed deep cuts to federal health care, education, and transportation programs, searching for new money to pay for increasingly costly defence programs and the war in Iraq.


The President’s $US2.9 trillion ($A3.8 trillion) spending plan calls for saving $100 billion in Medicare and Medicaid payments, and for limiting eligibility in the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, a change that could result in the loss of health care for children.

And, if you can believe it (which sadly i can):

“Our priority is to protect the American people,” Mr Bush said after a cabinet meeting where he introduced his fiscal 2008 budget.

That is so pathetic. I am so angry I can’t even express it. It has come at the same time as this (I am reluctant to describe the following as good news, but it definately sounds like an improvement) from The New York Times website:

American troops could start leaving Iraq by the end of this year if the plan to suppress sectarian violence with reinforcements in Baghdad is successful, Robert Gates, the secretary of defense, said today.

Mr. Gates was reluctant at first to make a prediction, but under pressure said that if the Baghdad operation is successful and the Iraqis “establish leadership” the United States could “begin to draw down troops later this year.”


Mr. Gates said the United States would have to maintain a military presence in Iraq “for years.” He declined to specify how large a force would be required, but said it would be “a fraction of what we have there now.”

I guess we knew that though. I don’t see the situation improving.

It just caps off (bittersweet, almost) a terrible week in international relations. John Howard’s disgusting smugness over David Hicks’ charges, then his jumping on the ‘criticise America’ bandwagon because he thinks it might win him points, a reminder of what a clever bastard he is.

I also had an encounter with a disgustingly rascist customer on Sunday. Evidence of that bigoted, very right-wing mindset that even though I know exists in far too many people, in far too many places, is always hard to take when it hits me in the face.


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