The daytime fantastic!

I have often mused over how much fun it would be to write for a daytime soap opera. This thought particularly struck me after I had seen Nurse Betty and witnessed the (fictionalised) process of coming up with plot ideas.

dt_bb_update_20041214.jpgOh no! Deacon’s in trouble everybody!

A few months ago I was home during the day and I switched on The Bold And The Beautiful, for the first time in probably over a year. And Taylor had come back from the (obviously non-) dead! I loved Taylor back in my serial viewing days (when The Drugs’ ‘The Bold And The Beautiful was the best song ever) and was devastated when she was banished from the show. But I didn’t so much love her back because her alter-ego, Hunter Tylo, had botoxed herself. Poor soap star, once she was so so beautiful.

That same episode, Bridget (no longer played by the lovely Jennifer Finnigan) was stressing over going to (I think) Africa, because of diseases and other dramatics. She didn’t want injections but the doctor said to her, “These immunisations could save your life.”

Best. Line. Ever. Scriptwriting could be so much fun!

Unfortunately I forgot to watch again the next day, and every day after that. Le sigh.


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