David Hicks

So Jeff Kennett thinks that all Australians should be blamed for Hicks’ continuing detention. This is a ridiculous comment and one of the most uneducated that I have heard in quite a while (perhaps Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali’s withstanding).

Each individual Australian is apparently to blame because we have not rallied against his detention. That is stupid- he ‘supports’ his case with Australia’s investment in Schapelle Corby’s situation and rejection of this as being a double standard. Here though he ignores Corby’s own efforts to glam herself up for the media and also the media’s opportunisation of her case. Also, he somehow seems to think that this helps his argument- forgetting, it seems, that although Australians sure got pissed off about Corby’s sentencing this did nothing at all to help her.

So why would mass rallies for David Hicks help? In far too many cases (most recently seen following the G20 protests) publicly opposing the government is an entirely futile effort and can result in media and political scapegoating to shift focus off their own wrongs.

It’s scary what the media is capable of. It’s scary, too, that Victoria was premiered by a man capable of a view such as this one.


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