Marijuana and Mary Louise Parker


This show is fabulous. I fell in love with Mary Louise Parker absolutely with the phenomenal Angels In America, so what else could I ask for that she gets to sell weed and kick normative values in the arse? She has a beautiful relationship with her children, supports and is supported by an African American family, and her joyless friend (Elizabeth Perkins) gets no sex because she is so anal about life. Definately a treat in store with this series.
But I’m reminded how much I abhor network television because it entirely ruins the spirit of shows and the flow of enjoyment that I get from being drawn into another world for a certain duration. Spectator involvement should never be broken by any force external to the show or film itself. So, of course, I want this.


About cinemelo

I love to write about film and comment on culture. Hopefully providing insight and interesting thoughts for fellow cultural itinerants.
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2 Responses to Marijuana and Mary Louise Parker

  1. markii says:


    I didn’t know you had a separate blog to your LJ!! 😮

  2. cinemelo says:

    hey! yes i am here now, not much interest in lj these days. but i still read you! 🙂

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