Much more than cheesecake


This post is for my brother- Betty Grable in a very tiny nutshell.
Her and Marilyn were both pinups but they were more than just the ‘cheesecake’ that the subjects of these images were known as. A brilliant public figure, made fabulous films and had a contract with Twentieth Century Fox (who insured her legs for one million dollars each) until they were bastards to her.
Then she made How To Marry A Millionaire. Go see it, boy!


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I love to write about film and comment on culture. Hopefully providing insight and interesting thoughts for fellow cultural itinerants.
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3 Responses to Much more than cheesecake

  1. Will says:

    Can I watch your copy? I like legs. Shouldn’t she get the whole $2m even if she only lost one leg, cos she couldn’t really be the one-legged movie star?
    Why were they called cheesecakes?

  2. cinemelo says:

    oh man you’re such a fool.
    they were dubbed cheesecakes because as pinups they were just pretty to look at…as far as studios cared they didn’t need to have brains and it didn’t matter if they did. the image was only the pretty girl. i think…i just made that up.
    male pinups came along later and they were called beefcakes.

  3. It’s a nice comedy, I had a good time on seeing it.

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