The art of being Marilyn

I’ve been reading some of Richard Dyer’s Heavenly Bodies, and I think my paper on Jayne Mansfield may take a turn even more towards how she was imitating Marilyn, but was still a figure as important as Marilyn due to this, and how she responded to sexuality. Mansfield’s explicit unnaturalness is an entirely different style to Marilyn’s ‘naturalness’ in sexuality, yet they are bothdoing a similar thing- put simply, they are performing as objects of sexual pleasure on screen, because that is what they were.
Perhaps more on this to come, or perhaps I’ll just try to channel it all into the essay…
And in the meantime, I love this:
Marilyn visited the troops in Korea in Feb 1954, and said to them- ‘I don’t know why you boys are always getting excited about sweater girls. Take away their sweaters and what have they got?’
Oh she was fabulous.


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