the (anti?) elegence of the 1950s

i’m writing a paper on Jayne Mansfield at the moment, and found a site –> it’s complete obsessive fan trash, and from a photo of the person who’s created it he’s totally Comic-store Guy from The Simpsons. it’s good for a browse, but it’s pretty disgusting that the main site it comes from is there’s also a link to


I really like her presence. I was expecting B-quality for her B-films, and while Kiss Them For Me is a bit like that, she really brings something touching to The Girl Can’t Help It. i cant quite figure out what exactly she was trying to do with her image- imitate the bombshell or imitate Marilyn. Because she has Marilyn’s walk, facial mannerisms down so perfectly. Which makes her performance so much more obviously an imitation. and i don’t think that it’s a problem that we are so aware of her performance when we watch her, because at least then we can see that her dumb blonde-ness is fake.


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